The Producers 2005 Musical Movie Trailer

The Producers 2005 Musical Movie Trailer

The trailer for one of the most fun movies I have ever seen. The Producers stars Nathan Lane and Matthew Brodrick

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16 Responses to The Producers 2005 Musical Movie Trailer

  1. klarebear7211 says:

    this is probably my favorite will ferrell performance in this movie

  2. damarh says:

    to this day i don’t understand why uma is in this movie.

  3. k3nzh1n082 says:

    this movie was like from 90′s and it reminds me those good old 90s movie man 90s are just awesome YEAR!

  4. koolios4 says:

    @johnthenater they just need pumba! LOL

  5. dareangel96 says:

    Omg this sounds so good!! My school had a choice of picking this or 9 to 5 for this years musical and this is so much better

  6. johnthenater says:

    yay the 2 main characters are the voice actors for timone and simba!!!!!

  7. SaraHeartsRunning says:

    Oh my goodness, our school is doing this for our musical this year. I can’t resist. I gotta try out, this is brilliantly hilarious ! :)

  8. THES3XYMAN101 says:

    I had no idea Matt brodrick could sing.

  9. paintballer95100 says:

    no he is not.. u don’t real talent.. so fuck off u bitch

  10. PapagenoJuan2 says:

    Mel Brooks is a has-been :p

  11. Tenorsax621 says:

    Will Ferrel needs to find more characters like this one, he is VERY Funny in this film, instead of being plain old stupid like in most of his other stuff

  12. SimonKSK says:

    best movie ever

  13. spadadee says:

    This is one of my favorite movies

  14. gcaticha says:

    Simba and Timon together again

  15. MrBen1235 says:

    Completely butchered the original film.

  16. 1pk1 says:

    Oh dear god.. Please say Bialystock and Bloom just one more time..!!!

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